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Weight Loss Journey to 100 Pounds Less; 4 simple Tips

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When beginning our journey of weight loss, the idea of losing up to 100 pounds or more seems daunting. How will I lose this much weight? Do I necessarily need to opt for surgical means? The questions are confusing, but the answer need not be

Given below are some tips for losing weight safely:

  1. Consume more Fiber
    A great way to lose weight is by making your stomach feel fuller. In this regard, Fiber comes to the rescue as an indigestible carbohydrate. Consumption of Fiber-enriched food items results in the reduction of hunger hormones produced, namely Ghrelin, as well as enhanced production of hormones like Cholecystitis, which make you feel ‘full’. A combination of these mean you do not feel hungry as often – resulting in a lower food and thus calorie intake. Fiber can conveniently be found in most fruits, nuts, whole grains, etc. 
  2. Eat your Vegetables
    If you skipped on eating your veggies in childhood, now is certainly the time to put that right. The distinctive quality of vegetables is that they are full of nutrition while being low in calories. With lesser refined carbohydrates and greater Fiber, eating vegetables make us feel full for longer. On the other hand, higher water content means they are packed with low energy density –thereby reducing calorie level. For weight reduction, ‘green’ vegetables like Broccoli and Spinach are most helpful.
  3. Exercise is Essential
    Your body needs movement and exercise in times of weight reduction. For this purpose, performing cardio is of much help. This includes aerobic exercises such as walking, running, etc. A combination with strength training using a treadmill or stair-climber can especially reduce harmful belly fat. If you wish to combine cardio and building muscles – swimming is the best work-out!
  4. Get Company
    Losing weight is a journey, sometimes a difficult one. Like each journey, it requires a friend by your side. Join a support group or club, with people striving to lose weight. This not only provides encouragement and motivation to continue on this journey but also results in tips and some ‘healthy’ competition (pun intended). After all, everything is fun and better with friends.

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