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Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students

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Whether you’re a college-going student or about to graduate soon, you want to make sure that you’re well equipped with a handful of gadgets to assist you in your studies and ensure that you’re one step closer to reaching your goals.

Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has given birth to top-notch inventions that have significantly made our lives much simpler and easier. Now, you’re just one click away from having educative material at your fingertips.

Get your hands on with these top five gadgets that are worth the purchase:

Top Five Study Gadgets every college student should have:

1.Smart backpack

Smart backpack Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students
Smart backpack

Discard your old school backpack because the smart backpack is here! Carrying your essentials such as books, laptops, and other equipment couldn’t be much easier. It isn’t just an ordinary bag, rather, it comes with a USB charging facility to charge your laptop, cell phone and other smart devices you could think of. The USB powered bag is water-resistant and environmentally friendly that has compartments for keeping books as well as lunches. High-end bags have the anti-theft feature that secures your bag but that comes at a cost. Choose according to your budget!

  1. Smart Reusable Notebook
    Reusable Notebook - Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students
    Reusable Notebook

    Put your thoughts into the paper by using the smart notebook that allows you to reuse pages so you don’t have to worry about wasting your notebook anymore. Take notes via pen and access your files in any of your devices using the drive. Edit and share it with your colleagues!

    3. Portable Hard Drive

    Portable Hard Drive Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students
    Portable Hard Drive

    Forget about USB sticks and opt for reliable options such as Portable Hard Drives. You can keep periodic backups of your important files in a hard drive since you never know when your laptop might crash or your external USB drive fails to work. If you have course projects throughout the semester, you should choose a hard drive having sufficient space to accommodate your files.

    4. Google Home Mini - Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students
    4. Google Home Mini

    4. Google Home Mini
    One of the smartest devices which is a must-have! You can play music of your choice, schedule important dates on the calendar, do your homework by asking the intelligent, Google Assistant and connect it to smart devices for controlling your home appliances. It’s an all-in-one portable device that will always have your back!

  1. Piqo Projector
    Piqo Projector- Top Five Study Gadgets for College Students
    Piqo Projector


    Have you ever come across a projector that is the size of a small cube? The Piqo smart portable projector is pocket friendly and has so much to offer! Whether you want to Netflix or chill or open up PowerPoint slides, the sleek and shiny projector has it all! It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5-hour standby battery timing and delivers 1080p.

Be smart and check out these gadgets to make your studying fun and make the most of your college experience!

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