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Top 5 Free Steam Games for Low Specs

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If you have got a low specification system for gaming and can’t afford a gaming laptop so soon, that’s okay. There is a Free Steam Games. You can find a series of thrilling games that won’t take up much of your PC’s power and work smoothly as ever for a seamless gaming experience.

Check out these top 5 low spec steam games that would make the most of your time:

  1. Team Fortress 2
    An online 3D action game that lets you choose the character out of nine distinct characters, each being a master of their skills and train it before you jump into various missions and challenges such as capture the flag, Arena, king of the hill and many more. You can buy weapons, hats, and choose clothes to suit your style.
  2. Realm of the Mad God
    RotMG is an online multiplayer game that lets you form teams and fight against the monsters. There are various character classes to choose from and equipment such as potions, rings, and weapons to collect. All in all, it’s a strategy game that is easy to play but tough to master.
  3. Trackmania
    Calling out all the racing game lovers out there! The Trackmania lets you drive your heart out at great speeds and extraordinary tracks, both in solo and multiplayer modes. There are over 65 exhilarating racing tracks and you can compete with real online players on the servers.
  4. World of Tanks Blitz
    A free action-packed game that will blow your minds away! You’ll be amazed by the striking graphics and easy to use controls. Prepare for a 7 on 7 tank battles and earn bonuses. Ask your friends to join in with you and strengthen your team. There will be battle missions that will expose you to easy as well as difficult challenges so you could unlock achievements.
  5. Paladins
    Set in a fantasy world, it’s a free-to-play shooting game that has a diverse range of characters from dragons to goblins. Each character possesses a unique skill set and it’s up to you to choose the character that best describes you.

Do check out these free steam games that require minimum CPU requirements and unleash the gamer in you!







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