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The Link Between Sunrise and Wealth

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There are only a few rules of success. To begin with, successful people like to take intelligent risks, make smart decisions with cash, pen down the game plans, and wake up before the rest of the world does. A person who is successful is not in the habit of pressing the snooze button on his alarm clock. In fact, he beats the office alarm and wakes up even before the sun rises. Terrifying, no?

The Link Between Sunrise and Wealth 2Waking up early makes you rich is not just a myth; there is an underlying science. The book of the Wealthy tells us that they get up even before the sun is up, which is roughly 5.30 am year-round. This allows them to exercise, complete due work, have a healthy breakfast and plan – smart people like to plan their course of action at dawn. A wise man once said that snoring late into the dawn adversely affects determination to achieve. If we make a comparative study, we can easily find evidence intertwining accomplishment with early rising. The early rising is emphasized because of the time when the world sleeps, successful people find it easier to focus. There is such a magic in the solitude of early dawn that the mind and body are optimally energized. People who are early risers would know they manage time better than anybody else and thus are equipped with the onslaught of unexpected.The Link Between Sunrise and Wealth 2

We all know that there are certain occurrences in our lives that we least expected. Such disruptions can perish the smooth groundwork of our lives in a minute. The bottom line is that an average person fails to get a wise rein on the downs of his life because he never saw it coming. This “loss of control” takes down whatever chance he had at becoming rich, into the pit.

Therefore, the self-made millionaires believe that waking up early plays a pivotal role in making a man rich because he works three hours harder than the rest!

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