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Interesting Facts About Chocolate

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Interesting Facts of Chocolate!!! Chocolate is loved by people all over the world because of its sweet taste. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, people from the whole world consume over 3 million tons of cocoa beans per annul.

Chocolates are not only famous for its mouthwatering taste but also known as stress-busters and relaxants as they increase the level of serotonin and endorphins in our brain, relaxing it and making the mood pleasant.

While we do not really need any reason to love chocolates, as our unconditional love for chocolate is evident, still, the following facts of chocolate will make you love them even more:

  • Good for Heart Health:good for health
    Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that help to reduce blood pressure, making them heart-healthy. Especially dark chocolate is very good for heart health as it widens arteries and promotes proper blood flow through them, therefore reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases by one third. Additionally, cocoa beans are rich in minerals including iron, zinc, copper, phosphorous and manganese.


  • Makes Your Mood Pleasant:Makes Your Mood Pleasant
    Theta brain waves are released when the chocolate aroma is inhaled, and they directly affect positively on the brain making it calmer and relaxed. Chocolate has an immensely positive effect on mood because it has various substances that stimulate the brain cells and have an antidepressant effect.
  • helps prevent Tooth Decay:Tooth decay
    Tooth decay occurs when sugars in our mouth are converted into acids by the oral cavity bacteria. Cocoa beans contain several antibacterial agents that have the tendency to inhibit the growth of these bacteria and hence play an important role in preventing tooth decay. However, moderation is the key and it is better to eat dark chocolate due to higher cocoa amount and lesser sugar amount in it, that too in smaller amounts.
  • Chocolates Are the Product of Bitter Cocoa Beans:
    Many people will find it difficult to accept that chocolate is the product of cocoa beans which are very bitter in taste. The sweet taste of chocolate is the result of various processes like fermentation and roasting of cocoa beans to remove or inactivate the toxic bitter flavor compounds of the cocoa beans.


In A Nutshell:
Chocolate may have many health benefits and desirable taste, but still, it is much better to consume it in moderation just like any other food product. The chocolates are packed with good ingredients like phytochemicals and antioxidants, but it too contains caffeine and theobromine that can have an adverse effect on health when consumed in higher amounts.

Additionally, the best chocolate for obtaining health benefits is the dark chocolate which is better than milk and white chocolate due to higher cocoa amount and lesser sugar portion. For more Interesting Facts of Chocolate



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