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5 Ways To Send Videos Through Email For An Effective Marketing Campaign

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Email and video play an important role when it comes to marketing. However, some marketers are not aware of how to send videos through email, which can help them to get more sales. Keep in mind that videos play an important role when it comes to generating sales and attracting users.

Besides, most people open those emails, which comprise videos rather than long texts. Thus to send the attractive email with the video, you must know some tactics.

In addition, almost 87% of large firms use video to promote their business. Not just this method is safe, but it also helps marketers to promote their products fast.

Why is sending videos through email is essential?

Office workers receive 121 emails per day, and they open only half of them. And the reason is straightforward because people don’t like annoying emails which comprise long texts.

According to a video software company, having a video in an email helps to improve the click-through rate, which is an important factor in email marketing. Other than that, it also helps to improve the marketing campaign.

Besides, having the word “Video” in the email has the chance to increase open rates by 19% and helps to slow down the process of unsubscribes by 25%.

So, if you are an email marketer and looking for effective ways to send videos through email, then below are some methods that you can try.

4 ways to send video through email for better marketing

Here are some amazing ideas that you can use to send video through email for better email marketing. In addition, you can also use different email marketing programs for better performance.

1.     Add the word “Video” in the subject box

Email marketers follow this tip for better marketing. So, if you want to send a video, then add attractive words in the subject box. In this way, readers will open your emails immediately. Besides, in this way, you can easily grab the attention of the readers.

As compared to other methods, this method works best because it helps to improve email rates.

2.     Video marketing helps to promote events fast5 Ways To Send Videos Through Email For An Effective Marketing Campaign 2

Nowadays, marketers use video marketing techniques to promote their products. This process is best because it helps to promote product fast. You can also follow this technique by sending videos via email and telling details about your products to the customers.

Also, you can offer different discounts to the customers and in this way, they will subscribe to you back and will read your mails daily.

3.     Insert GIFs to your email

GIFs can also be the best idea for an effective marketing campaign. In case if the readers don’t like lengthy videos, then you can keep them engaged with your amazing GIFs. Not just it’s creative, but it also helps to make your emails more exciting.

4.     Help people to learn from your video tutorialsvideo tutorial

If you want to open an online learning platform, then this can be possible by helping people learn more with the help of videos. You can send many video tutorials through email and help them to take online classes.

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