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5 Best Gadgets Gift Ideas 2020

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Generally, moms are clueless about trending technologies since they don’t particularly show any interest in using gadgets. However, if your mum is a techno-head and is quick to learn, why not surprise her with tech gadgets gifts this Mother’s day? Whether she is an entertainment lover, fitness geek or book reader, she would surely benefit from our top five tech gifts!

Five Best Gadgets Gift Ideas 

  1. Kindle E-book Reader
    Kindle E-book Reader  Best Gadgets Gift
    Kindle E-book Reader

    Most of us prefer paper-back books as compared to e-books because you feel a lack of physical ownership. However, for Moms, it will be an ideal gift! You can stock up thousands of e-books and read them wherever you are. It’s portable, water-resistant and easily affordable.reading books amazon kindle number one.

  1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Robot Vacuum Cleaner  Best Gadgets Gift
    Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    If your mom enjoys cleaning, get her a robot vacuum that will assist her in getting the cleaning job done. It’s a noise-free smart cleaner that automatically detects its path and cleans the dirty floors using powerful sensors. You can control the vacuum via smartphone and customise it according to your preferences.

  2. Alexa Echo Dot
    Alexa Echo Dot  Best Gadgets Gift
    Alexa Echo Dot

    A perfect investment that is worth it! Some Moms are forgetful about remembering things. However, worry not, the Alexa Echo dot from Amazon has got you covered. You can create to-do lists, grocery lists and access those lists via your smartphone, or if you wish to try out something new in the kitchen, you can ask Alexa to search for mouth-watering recipes. If you’re baking something, you can set the timer so that Alexa notifies you when it’s done. How convenient is that? Aside from that, you can shop online, order McDonald’s and do so much more with this handy device!

  3. Smart Vanity Mirror
    Smart Vanity Mirror  Best Gadgets Gift
    Smart Vanity Mirror

    It isn’t just an ordinary table mirror. You can have a close look at your skin and check your pores. The smart mirror has built-in Alexa so you could tune to your favourite music while you’re getting ready or you can order your favourite skin-care product. It has a USB port that lets you charge your phone. 

  1. Fit bit Charge 3
    Fit bit Charge 3
    Fit bit Charge 3

    Got a mom who loves to work out and stay fit? This Fit bit can step up her fitness game by tracking your health, sleep pattern and giving insights about your body. No matter which exercises you choose, it gives you real-time information about your workout to stay motivated. Moreover, it probes deep into your sleep pattern so you could learn how to get better sleep at night and much more.

Moms shouldn’t be deprived of the latest gadgets  gift which can become a companion everyone and be very useful. Just as teens are making use of it, similarly, moms should be given exposure to the world of tech and utilize it for their own needs.

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