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3 Best Things to Do While in Iceland

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If you have a trip planned to Iceland, you’re in for a dreamy treat. Packed with dramatic landscapes and activities, this island is a place where all the time in the world will feel too short. Therefore, it naturally gets really difficult for first-timers, on a limited time and budget, to organize their trip concerning what-to-do and where-to-go. As much as we would love to compile the A-Z adventures of Iceland into one list, we thought better for your convenience.

Keep reading below to find out the 3 best things to do while in Iceland because these activities are priceless, matchless and definitely not to skip!

  1. Whale watching

How many of us can say we watched a whale dive just a few feet apart? Well, the Icelanders can.  Unlike anywhere else, Iceland offers the fascinating experience of whale watching tour in a powerboat. These designed boats make lesser noise and thus allow sailors to get closer to animal traffic. The tour can reward you in watching the rarest species on earth like the Fin Whale and the Killer Whale.

3 Best Things to Do While in Iceland
3 Best Things to Do While in Iceland
  1. Icelandic Horseback riding

Horseback riding is not so uncommon, is it? Icelandic horseback riding, on the other hand, definitely is. The peculiar part is the animal’s short height, muscular body, and an overall petite stature; an isolated breed that Iceland authority would never give up. Vacationers are allowed to gallop for as long as 1.5 hours at the least, guided by certified instructors along the way. Feel free to caress its satiny skin, trot around, make it your friend, and click snaps to save in memory!

  1. Go to the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a mind-blowing popular site at Iceland, comprised of the famous National Park, Geothermal Valley, and Gullfoss Waterfall. Pack up your snorkeling kit and leather gloves for snow-balling at this spectacular hub for hot springs and aesthetic landscape.

Visit Iceland, have fun & explore many more!

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